Thursday, July 25, 2013

My hair has always gone well with shampoos and conditioners Elseve. I think I've bought practically all lines of the brand and I have no complaint. So when I saw that launched this Arginine Resist, which promises to strengthen the fiber, nourish the hair bulb and make hair grow stronger, brought home immediately.

As much as my hair is not weak, I think it never hurts to use a fortifier product so that it is even healthier. However, I did not notice significant changes in relation to that promise. And as I have no hair loss, I can not say if it really works in this direction. But, according to the brand, the product works by replacing arginine (amino acid present in our hair which can be found in smaller amounts in people with poor diet, hormonal changes or high levels of stress). 

The shampoo has good texture and is milky liquid, and most shampoos treatment. He makes enough foam and has a taste amazing. The best is that even before the conditioner, he leaves the hair very soft.
The conditioner is more consistent. I love this texture more like masks treatment because make it easy to detangle. It leaves hair incredibly soft, like your hair is melting up.
Another thing I noticed is that, if used together, the two leave hair more resourceful for a longer period of time than other shampoos and conditioners. I also noticed my hair slightly more glossy.
I paid $06.90 for shampoo and conditioner at $ 08.50. The line still has cream to comb treatment cream and lotion tonic.
You have already used this line, girls? Liked it? What shampoo and conditioner favorite of yours? Leave in the comments!


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